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Yet another Newbie! lol

Hello everyone! It looks like there are quite a few of us newbies :)  It's always fun to find groups that supports a big family, in a world that usually doesn't. I'm currently pregnant with #5 and looking forward to meeting this new little person, come Jan/Feb of next year.

A bit about me ~ 

Age: 28

kids and ages:
I have four boys, ages 8, 6.5 (twins), 16 mo and pg with #5 due sometime in Jan/Feb of 08'

What is your family life like:  mmm that's a good question, with four boys and probably a 5th on the way, I often use the username fourboysequalschaos and that pretty much sums it up LOL We are a homeschooling family, I'm a massage therapist but I mostly stay at home with the boys, I am very activity in my community as is my family, I love it that way :) My husband is from Ireland, both he and I lived there for the first few years of our marriage, we had our oldest son there & then moved to the states. We've been here for almost 8yrs, although I recently bought him a ticket so that he could go home to visit.

Whatever else you’d like to say about yourself:
mmm not sure what else ~ I'm a birth junkie, I love reading birth stories about learning about the birth process, I'll be having this baby at home, in the water with a midwife, really looking forward to that. I also love being outside in my garden & working in the yard ~ growing herbs & such. I'm one of those "weird" crunchy/earthy types I suppose you could say lol In short I love learning & I love meeting new people & am excited to be here, I hope to make some new friends along the way!

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Hey, I'm new too! Welcome to us both!