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Big Families, Big Fun!

The trials and joys of a large family

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Please post your tips, time saving advice, recipes, vacation ideas and the good and the bad about rasing a house full of children.

This community is for parents to come and get support and advice on raising a large family. This is also a good place to share stories and day to day thoughts. This should be a safe place to rant when we are stressed and support others. Members should enjoy having a large family and have a positive outlook on child raising. Members may not talk negatively to each other. No drama will be tolerated and trolls will be banned immediately.

As of now I have no problem with people who wish to have a large family "one day" join. I also have no problem with people who have three children wanting to join. This day and age three children is a big family! But this community is created mainly for large families of four or more.

This community is secular. Everyone is welcome and respected. Religion is not the focus of this community so please be careful when giving others advice as not to offend members.

This community will have a natural sway to it.

When joining post the following info about yourself please:
kids and ages:
What is your family life like:
Whatever else you’d like to say about yourself: